We have just finished to implement the latest release of
Selective File Dumper, SFDumper for friends;)

What's new?

Now the software works on device and on  RAW / EWF / AFF and split images files.
The output is more orderly and clean.
There are no more errors due to output of the orphans files.
It can be run in "command line" or in interactive mode (the old way of
There is the possibility to operate best on images/device with the file
system hfs/hfs+ using the feature made available by Snapshots of the
There are numbers indicating the progress of work, while the software is
These important innovations have eliminated the problems of recovery of some
files and made the tool much more flexible and powerful.


And much more....on Google ;-) (try with SFDumper and "Selective file Dumper")

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